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New Collection

A kaleidoscope of flowers, colors, and shapes, this Egyptian-inspired décor narrates a story composed of different rhythms. The pattern dances along each porcelain piece and adorns every item in a unique way. This garden of wonders accentuated by a platinum filet, highlights each curve and allows a geometric reading of this exceptional décor.

This season, the Maison Haviland enriches the collection by introducing three new decorative objects: a prestige vase, a large vase, and an exquisite tray. Imbued with an aura of refinement and charm, these beautiful creations elevate the ambiance of any interior.


Teasing Haviland

For 180 years, the Maison Haviland has been showcasing its know-how throughout the world’s culture and has become an ambassador of luxury and art of living.


Art collaboration

In collaboration with Maison Europ Félix, Haviland imagines silver metal pieces that go perfectly with the new Stanislas collection. Contemporary and chic, Europ Félix creates a small tray, a candelabra and two models of napkin rings that are accompanied by an engraving of the acanthus leaf, an essential motif of the French architectural heritage and true identity of the Stanislas collection.Exceptional gold-making, the Europ Felix Manufacture has been bringing its talents to life through its know-how for over 100 years by imagining parts worked manually with care and meticulousness.

Discover the new collection


Created in collaboration with Le Cirier d’Auribeau, the Maison Haviland presents the scented candles in 3 sizes, and celebrates the unique know-how of the two French Maisons.
These exceptional works are born from the collaboration with one of the 8 last Master Candle-makers in France. This prestigious title is bestowed upon craftsmen who have mastered the particularity of wax and its ancestral techniques. This name alone reveals the rarity and nobility of their talent, as well as their very high level of expertise.

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